Posi-Shell® ADC (alternative daily cover) is a spray-applied coating which is durable, non-flammable and erosion resistant that removes the need for traditional daily waste covers.
Made of non-flammable, non-toxic materials, it is an environmentally compatible, multi-purpose daily landfill cover solution that is cost effective, using 24 times less space than traditional methods.
The life of a landfill depends on the remaining permitted available air space. Each cubic metre of traditional cover used for daily cover results in a permanent loss of revenue on space that cannot be sold.

  • ADC Conserves Air Space
  • Mitigate Odours
  • Reduce Airborne Debris
  • Control Vector Populations
  • Prevent Fires Starting
  • Discourage Scavenging
  • Cut Operating Expenses
  • Extend Landfill Life
  • Non-Toxic

Landfill operators can make savings in air space, labour, machinery and fuel costs by using our ADC instead of traditional soil covers.

How it Works

Applying either the mineral or wood based ADC is a one-person operation and done using specialised equipment or a standard hydroseeding unit.

Simple to mix and easy to use, the Posi-Shell® Cover System consists of a liquid base (water or leachate), Posi-Pak® P-100 fibres and PSM-200™ setting agent.

One load of ADC requires just one hour for mixing, application and rinse-out.  After application it hardens to form a cement type crust that provides a durable coating.