Daily Waste Cover

Posi-Shell® Base Mix

Just add water to create high quality covers for any number of applications. Released in 2010 Posi-Shell®Base Mix makes quality cover easier than ever. Available in 23kg bags or the 227kg bulk bag.Create unbeatable one pass coverage.

Mineral Binder

Portland cement is often used in the Posi-Shell® mixture when the product is expected to perform for long periods of time (up to a year or more). This is available in bags or bulk.

Colouring Agents

Powdered and liquid dyes and colouring agents are often added to the Posi-Shell® mixture to create custom-tinted coverings that blend with the natural environment for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Xtreme Rain Shield

A proprietary blend of cellulosic polymers, designed to improve resistance to rain before cure. Created for extreme rain conditions, not necessary with rains of less than one half inch per hour. It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic and comes in convenient 23kg bags

Posi-Shell® Clear

Just add to water to create high quality dust control. Released in 2011 Posi-Shell® Clear makes dust control easier than ever. Available in 23kg bags.

Odour Masks & Neutralisers

A variety of liquid additives are available for odour-masking or odour neutralisation. Normally, these are only required in special circumstances as the typical Posi-Shell® slurry has natural odour neutralisation capabilities due to its high-alkaline content. We will work with you to determine the appropriate product for your particular requirements.


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