Other Applications

Ditch Lining

Posi-Shell® Cover System’s mix of mineral binders can be formulated to provide a wide range of engineering characteristics. For ditch lining, a high-strength long-term formulation is employed that is able to resist erosion and provide durability.

Industrial Stock Piles

Posi-Shell® cover has been effectively utilised to protect outdoor coal piles from water infiltration, and to eliminate windblown dust from the piles. Economic benefits include the increased BTU value, as well as the elimination of complaints and costs associated with clean-up of offsite coal dust.

Posi-Shell® has been successfully applied at numerous outdoor cement clinker storage piles as a protective coating to eliminate rainwater infiltration. Protection of these piles with the Posi-Shell® Cover System has resulted in large savings for coal and cement producers.

Compost Piles

Posi-Shell® cover provides an extremely effective means of coating the exterior surfaces of compost piles during active decomposition. The sealing capabilities and lime content of the Posi-Shell® mixture reduces the odours associated with decaying matter; and the shell-like cover prevents wind-blown debris without interfering with the bio stabilisation process.

Fly-Ash, Monofills

Posi-Shell® spray-on cover eliminates the need to physically traverse wet or unstable piles of ash material. Posi-Shell® is an effective, long-term cover that can be quickly and easily placed over ash and fly ash mono-fills, while eliminating the operational difficulties and high-volume consumption that is typical with soil cover.

Vertical faces & Baled Waste

Posi-Shell® cover formulation provides excellent adhesion to vertical faces, such as those found in baled waste or solid waste excavations. The continuous coating provided by Posi-Shell®, together with its long-term durability make it ideal for this application. Posi-Shell® works to control odours and wind-blown litter in landfill operations of all sizes, including balefills and landfill excavations.

Mining Applications

Posi-Shell® can be successfully used in the mining industry to eliminate fugitive dust, control wind and water erosion, and protect the surface layer from water infiltration. The Posi-Shell® mixture can be tinted to match the surroundings, making it aesthetically appealing.

Specially-designed mobile applicators intended for off-road access and with the optional long-range nozzle, the spray-on slurry can easily reach difficult and steep terrain. A thin coating of the Posi-Shell® Cover System, whether used for large-scale projects or short-term problem areas, reduces mining costs and increases profits.