Hydro Mulch

FullSizeRenderWood-Lok™ 100

Natural virgin wood fibre mulch for use in hydroseeding. It is a high quality 100% wood fibre hydroseeding mulch, manufactured under constant production control checks. It is manufactured in size and texture for optimum performance through a fiberization process that involves high temperature, steam, dying, drying and packaging. Packaged in 22.7kg (50lb) bags.

Wood-Lok™ 100 Hydromulch is manufactured from virgin, fresh cut, selected, clean pine and poplar wood chips that meet and exceeds specifications and standards typical for Wood Fibre Hydromulch.

When applied Wood-Lok™ 100 fibres twist and lock with each other as they cure. This forms a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control, holding the seeds in place, and providing an excellent environment for seed germination. When applied wiid lok has fibres that twist and interlock with each other as they cure

Designed to load quickly in hydroseeding equipment. The fibres are sized for maximum loading in the tank and will produce homogeneous slurry with the water, seed and fertilizer.

Wood-Lok™ 100 will go into slurry suspension during the mixing process and will remain in suspension during the application process.

Green in colour allowing for visible application assistance at maximum pumping distances. This allows the operator to apply an even application of material.

PRODUCT_mulch_WoodLok100_zFeatures and Advantages

  • Made from selected, fresh cut, clean, whole wood chips
  • Wood fibres stay in uniform suspension and blend with seed and fertiliser
  • High loading and enters into the slurry quickly
  • Forms a stable mulch mat that will hold the seed in place
  • Provides a favourable microclimate for seed germination
  • Helps establish grasses for erosion control, as well as fine turf
  • Green dye assists in even application
  • Wood-Lok™ 100 has no growth inhibiting factors
  • Wood fibres decompose after vegetation has established
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